P67L - it's all relative


P67L is a rare genetic mutation that can cause atypical Cystic Fibrosis when in combination with another CF causing mutation. The P67L mutation is found in CF across the world, but most frequently is found in people with Scottish ancestry This atypical CF is characterized by borderline sweat, pancreatic sufficiency and generally a milder course.

Based on an estimated incidence of .2% of the CF population that would mean that there are probably less than 200 people in the world who have CF today where P67L is the expressed gene.

The purpose of this site is to provide a focal point for anyone living with or caring for someone with CF caused by P67L.

We know that there are many factors that influence the course of CF in an individual. However having a place where we can share what works for us and learn from each other about how P67L impacts us could add some vital information that is important for all.


This site is intended for use by patients, caregivers or other interested individuals who have a vested interest in understanding the best treatments plans based on the progress of P67L. We respect individuals right to privacy and expect anyone using the forum to do the same.